Jazz Trio

Kings of the cocktail hour!

Greg Paul Stone (guitar/voice), Dave Schroeder (bass) and Mike McNeil (drums) came together after finding themselves as the same sidemen in several different Ottawa bands. The rapport they developed working in those bands has now come to light with the GPS Trio where they dig into great swinging jazz and fun latin music.

With their vast experience together, they are masters at shifting gears and know how to create the right atmosphere. Be it, cocktails, entertaining a listening audience or playing to a dancing crowd, the Valley Street Jazz Trio have the depth of material to cover it Including rock, blues, soul and pop when needed!

The GPS Trio a popular act at weddings, fund raising events, networking seminars, product launches, Christmas parties, client appreciation parties and staff celebrations.

Male/female vocals, piano, sax + more instruments are also available. Group sizes can be changed to allow for budget and size of performance space.